Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My furless mom has sent a message that she is coming for a visit.  I can hardly wait.  She always loves me up every morning and night.  I get to sit on her desk and help her work.  Boy, have I got a lot to tell her.  There are more birds in the store. They don't seem to be moving much either, at least when I'm watching.  Someone said that humans have been invited to bring in quilts with birds on them for a free gift.  I'm a little worried.  It's hard enough to keep an eye on all these birds now without more in the store.  I'll do my best.  I heard another strange thing last week.  I heard my substitute moms talking about a "trunk show."  I have been watching for trunks to be delivered, but so far all I've seen are these birds.  I hope they don't mean trunks full of birds.  I'll ask my furless mom as soon as I see her.

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