Sunday, November 6, 2011


That trunk of birds has gone and I am so glad.  I can relax a little bit.  There are still some out there in what my people call "kits" but they don't look like birds to me.  At least they are secure inside plastic bags so they can't get out.  Things have quieted down some since all those strange people were here that day called "Halloween."  I don't know what all the fuss is about.  My fur coat works just fine all year long.

My furless mom is still here and I really enjoy her company.  I hope she stays for awhile now.  She tells me that she has 2 cats in her other home.  She says that the older cat, "Smooch,"  puts her favorite toy away in her food bowl every night so she knows where it is the next morning and I should put my toys away.  Smooch must be a dumb cat.  I know where all my toys are all the time except when one of my admirers picks one up.  I think I'll go check on my toys.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My furless mom is here.  She came to visit me on Sunday and she's been here since.  Boy, things are hopping.  The phones are ringing, the classroom is buzzing and the fabric is flying.  Monday was something these humans called "Halloween."  It was a little scary for me because all my substitute moms came to work looking VERY strange.  I knew who they were by their smell.  They even tied something floppy around my neck.  That felt very strange and I didn't much like it.  I was so glad when they finally took it off.   I can't keep up with all the activity and watch those birds too.  I will have to go take a nap in the front window.